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How to make him want you so badly he will never leave you again

How to make him want youBreaking up is always hard to do. You meet this handsome hunk and you realize the feeling is mutual when suddenly …. the relationship ends. You are so heartbroken and feeling so blue! You find that you are still in love with him and that there can never be another as far as you are concerned. You want him back more than ever and want him also to realize that this whole break up is a mistake. You can learn how to make him want you and try to get him back to you.

The first thing you need to do is read the contents very carefully. It is essential that you try and work on his emotions. This is not going to be easy, believe me! Switching off emotions is not as easy as turning off a faucet. The break up has left you feeling drained and washed out. You need to regain your composure and avoid enveloping your emotions in a cloud of despair.

The second thing is to try and retain your dignity. It is not the end of the world. We are aware that one is at a low emotional point when our self-esteem plummets to the bottom-most pit. Do not get worked up or react in any unwarranted way. Working on your self-respect is preferable in order to get your ex boyfriend back using different wiles. This way you will be able to find out how to make him want you.

The best way to begin is from within. Make sure you feel positive and go about this with a happy frame of mind. Smile and exude an air of confidence and nonchalance. Men are attracted by confident women who are independent. Trying to be a damsel in distress does not always work. Men are not particularly fond of women who are clingy and whine constantly though they love their women to be around when they wish to be reassured of their love.

On no account should you try to contact your ex-boyfriend as this is the worst thing you can do. Do not try to call him, text or send messages on Twitter or Facebook. You may feel tempted to email him to try and get him to take you back. However, this will only drive him further away and be convinced that he was right about dumping you. This is not what you want him to do. Instead, let him wonder at your silence as you refrain from contacting him. You will be uppermost in his thoughts and that is what is required at this point in time!

Having said that, take care about the way you look if are keen to learn how to make him want you again. You should enroll at a gym and work out. Splurge on new clothes and try to improve your physical appearance. Men are attracted to good looks and if he notices that you are looking even better than before he broke up with you, he will soon realize that his actions were too hasty and he may feel like a fool. “Duh”!

You may be doing all this to try to get him back but you have to realize that happiness comes first from within. If you can create a feeling of happiness in yourselves first, you will be able to make each other happy.  Make yourself irresistible to him by exhibiting a positive behavior.

These are all the things you have to work on instead of letting your emotions get the better of you. Replace feelings of anger and desperation with happiness and confidence. Once you have achieved this, you can approach him and let him know sincerely that you need him and that you want him to reconcile with you. You should be sincere when you talk to him and ask him to meet you in a café over a cup of coffee. You should be able to convince him about where you went wrong and the folly you have committed.  Listen attentively to him when he speaks to you. He will appreciate your concern and the fact that you are listening to him for a change.

Breaking up may be hard but trying to win him back should not be so difficult. Once you accept that your anger and pride got the better of you, you will stop behaving in a jealous fashion and accept your mistakes. It is essential to accept one’s faults and want to change if you wish to learn how to make him want you again.

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